Links and cool projects n° 3

Some more links to share!


First, this real time rendered Unity cinematic looks and sounds absolutely unreal. It’s been pretty popular in social media this week, but if you haven’t seen it yet, here it is!

The Land’s End  game website, from Ustwogames (the creators of Monument Valley!) – can’t wait to get my hands on VR gear to play this one.

If you are working on a VR game and looking for some awesome spatialsed audio, the 3Dception engine is what you’re looking for!

This Kickstarter for TRANSMISSION, a game by Paper Unicorn with lots of potential! Looks and sounds great!

If you haven’t felt the hype for Playdead’s next game INSIDE, you are about to! This revisited, deeper version of Limbo seems more than promising – can.not.wait.

Recently found out about this cool looking, fun to play game with an awesome procedurally generated soundtrack! Go on, try it!

Audiokinetic is launching a new blog for their 10th anniversary, be sure to check it out to stay updated on game audio news!

This nature sound library has just become available. Haven’t really had time to check it out but you should!

And finally, a couple of interesting game audio online folios/blogs, enjoy!

Sounddesign, foleys and music for movies and games.

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