Latest news about the sound of Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider was released on September 14th 2018, we are super excited and happy about it, and a lot has happened since then already! Here is a bit of a summary :

Our first nomination for best audio is already here! Time to vote on the Golden Joystick Awards page 🙂




Soundworks Collection just released a video featuring the sound and music of Shadow of the Tomb Raider – check it out for some behind the scenes developers insights!



Dolby Atmos also released a video explaining some of the Atmos features present in Shadow of the Tomb Raider and how we implemented the sounds to reinforce a sense of immersion and bring to life Lara’s surrounding environment.



And finally a short documentary was put together to show off all the hard work from La Hacienda Creative and Brian D’Oliveira on the Shadow of the Tomb Raider Soundtrack and all its many cool instruments!



This is just the beginning, more soon!

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